Royaly-free music for instant download

Music is Royalty-free, when its producers are not members of any collecting society (GEMA, Suisa, AKM, etc.).

In Germany, generally any performance of music, including playing records, requires payment of a GEMA license fee that is transferred to the creator by a certain distribution key. According to copyright laws the license fees have to be paid to the creator. GEMA organizes the collection and distribution of such fees.

Creators of Royalty-free music are not members of GEMA or any other collecting society which means no license fees are charged. Every time music is used and/or played in films, on the Internet and on podcasts a license fee is charged, unless the music is Royalty-free.

Gemafreie Welten is the online shop for Royalty-free music. Here you can download, purchase or listen to music – fast, simple and legal.

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